I. Controversies About "Everyday Life"

Maria Bogucka, Profile of Research and Definition.

II. Middle Ages

Michael Abdalla, On Behaviour at the Table -- Instructions by Bar Ebraya.

III. Early Modern Times: the Nobles

Andrzej Pośpiech, The Polish Provincial Gentry in 17th Century. Poeple -- Objects -- Everyday Life.
Elżbieta Kowecka, A Polish Lord's Table.

IV. Early Modern Times: the Townspeople

Andrzej Klonder, Poor and Abundant Diet in the Towns of Royal Prussia in the 17th Century.
Edmund Kizik, Ubertretungen der Hochzeits-, Tauf- und Begrabnisordnungen vor dem Danziger Wettergericht im XVII. und XVIII. Jh.

V. Early Modern Times: the Clergy

Paweł Fijałkowski, The Living Conditions of the Clergy in the Polish Lutheran Parish in Konigsberg, 16th-18th Centuries.
Dariusz Główka, Luxury, "Modest but Satisfactory Conditions", Appropriateness. Clergy's Life in the Płock Diocese in the Second Half of the 18th Century.
Justyna Jellonnek, Everyday Life of a Parish Priest of Nowa Cerkiew in the Light of an Inventory from 1750.

VI. Modern and Recent Times

Danuta Rzepniewska, Gentlewomen in the Towns of the Kingdom of Poland at the End of the 19th Century.
Dariusz Opaliński, Travelling by Railway in the Second Half of the 19th C.
Anna Landau-Czajka, Diet Patterns in 19th-20th C. School Manuals.
Dariusz Jarosz, Everyday Life in Poland in the Light of Letters to the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers' Party, 1950-1956.


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